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Elite Product Images

Our Elite Product Image service combines both photographic and digital graphic components to provide an unparalleled level of detail.

These fully digitally reconstructed images often require digital composition from many separate photographs and extensive digital editing using original label artwork, supplied by the client.

Our custom lighting scheme provides a bright, detailed finish with excellent modelling effect. Elite Images are ideal for use in print media, where both very fine detail and very large scale are required.

Our Elite Product Images are consistent over time and provide unparalleled detail and quality that cannot be captured by photographic means alone, all at a reasonable price.

Elite Product Image Examples


Per Product

Elite Product Image Specifications

Application Print
Resolution 300dpi
Colour Profile sRGB
Background White or Transparent
Format JPG, PNG or TIF
Size 60cm (approx. 1564 x 4724px)
Revisions Our Elite Image Fee includes up to three (3) editing revisions prior to delivery of the final artwork. Additional editing is charged at $150 per hour.
Back Label During photography, back labels can cast shadows, affect lighting and product colour or simply detract from producing an optimal image, especially with white wines or clear spirits. Where necessary, we remove back labels prior to photography so as to provide the best product image possible.
Clearcutting Sometimes known as ‘deep-etching’, clearcutting separates the bottle image from the background, giving an image in JPG format the appearance of a clean white background. Images may also be placed against other photographic or coloured backgrounds. Please let us know if you require TIFF or PNG files for this purpose. Clearcutting is included as part of our Premium Image service.
Archiving We keep all our clients’ original photographic files on-hand at full-scale, in case they’re needed again for other specialised outputs (e.g. bus and vehicle signage, billboards etc). Further editing or retouching may be required if the images are to be viewed at large scale.
Image Library Elite Product Images can be included in our Product Image Library for an additional fee determined by the hosting period. This means that images can be freely and easily accessed and downloaded for immediate use by your customers and your sales, distribution, retail and media partners around the world. Magazines, ad-agencies and graphic designers can likewise access and download images and logos, ensuring that all communications utilize your authorized images and branding elements.
Optional Service Fees
Urgent Service Two day turnaround from receipt of samples.
+ $25 per product
Terms of Trade All prices are per product and exclude GST.
Payment is due on completion of work and files are delivered on receipt of payment.
We accept payment by internet banking, Visa, Mastercard, American Express & PayPal.
All credit card & PayPal transactions attract a three-and-a-half (3.5) percent bank fee surcharge.